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  • 3D & MEP Coordination

  • MEP Shop Drawings & Details

  • Architectural  Cordination

  • Architectural Modelling

  • Structural & Civil Coordination

  • Construction Documentation

  • General BIM & CAD Services

Building Information Modeling
Building and House Plans
  • Building Plan Design Drawings

  • Town and Country Approvals

  • Regional Corporation Approvals

  • WASA Approvals

  • Fire Department Approvals

  • Ministry of Works Approvals

  • Planning & Approval Coordination

Visual Communication
  • Exterior Architectural Renderings

  • Interior Architectural Renderings

  • Architectural Animations

  • Interactive Panoramic views

  • Conceptual Layouts

  • Conceptual 3D Proposals

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CADCO DESIGN STUDIO is the future for building technology in design, construction coordination, management  and planning globally.

Pioneered right here in the Caribbean; we are a premier interdisciplinary construction professional company in Trinidad & Tobago, providing effective building information modeling, drawing, approval, coordination and design solutions catered to all disciplines within the construction industry and in visual communication respectively.

Our core services include; producing complete and approved building plans for private home owners and photo-realistic renderings, animations, 3D modeling, panoramic views, interactive walk-throughs, branding, Computer Aided Drawing and Design (CADD), Building Information Modelling (BIM), specialized shop and construction drawings for professional consultants and companies.

CADCO offers a complete and integrated service for commercial and residential buildings plans, however, our services may also be isolated to specific needs in specialty areas, such as; construction detailing, building plan approvals or  architectural visualization only. Our expertise in building plans is quite immense, spanning from community development projects such as; schools, cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, churches, retail stores, residential communities, financial and religious institutions, offices, to bars, nightclubs and casinos. 

We advocate that acquiring any service which requires multiple disciplines, and ultimately for even a single construction project, will achieve more effective results if undertaken and executed by one proficient team or firm. This is most beneficial particularly in today’s sensitive economic climate. The construction and built environment would require surgical logistics in designing and planning to truly be able to reduce the impact of cost on a construction project. Utilizing the expertise of such personnel from conception, to design approvals, through construction execution will take the burden off the client and attempts to eliminate later conflicting design and construction issues. Some CAD software offers BIM (Building information Modelling) capabilities, the most powerful and  dynamic tool utilized by many professionals around the world to assist in the designing and coordination of  multiple disciplines within the construction industry.

New homeowners have also been increasingly requesting our photo-realistic 3D renderings and/or animation service along with their approved building plans, just as seen on HDTV. Design firms are now fully utilizing this technique to allow their clients the opportunity to visualize their own home before the actual construction has begun. This open doorways for stronger visual communication and allows greater input by the client during the design stage. Realistic visualization helps to close the gaps between the designer, contractor and client. This service has also been proven to be very useful to both the public and private sector, local and international clients and all professionals in the construction industry.







Every project is unique in its style, size, complexity, geographical and topographical nature, type of accomodation and budget. Some clients may require a complete service, while others may only require partial services. CADCO offers a NO-CHARGE consultancy session at our office for every new client. This session offers an in-depth understanding of the process and project, for both the client and our firm, while extracting a true sense of each client's unique needs. 

Our rates are fixed, but are tailored to best meet clients' specific needs. Quotations are provided only subsequent to such session. Prospective clients are also welcomed to alternatively provide-via email, a comprehensive brief for the proposed project or development, including a tentative construction budget. This will help to accomodate international and travelling clients.


For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 868-723-5632 or fill out the following form.

Please visit our office for free consultancy, we love to chat.
Head Office

#12 Eastern Main Road,


Trinidad & Tobago.

West Indies,

Office: 868-222-8511

SOS: 868-723-5632


Ready-made Building- $2,500TT.

The construction cost varies between: 

$500,00.00TTD-$1mTTD (single-story 'flats' only) :by CADCO DESIGN STUDIO



© 2016 by Deion Ambrose: All project images are courtesy actual projects done by CADCO DESIGN STUDIO

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